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Touch Typing in the Office today!

Following the press release by Microsoft detailed below, Penny Lewis was invited by BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast to speak about the importance of touch typing in today's business office.

Listen to what she had to say http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04f89d9 (start 47.55).


Microsoft Press Release

Forget As and A stars. What UK bosses are looking for these days is competence on the keyboard.  And, according to new research, 1 in 3 British bosses say they won’t hire someone if they can’t touch type.

The study, published by Microsoft, shows over 40% of bosses regard speedy touch typing as an essential work tool and 1 in 5 say they couldn’t operate their businesses if their staff didn’t have this skill. Yet, the research suggests, as many as half of staff fall short of the mark.  

The study claims over 40% of employees type with just one or two of their index fingers and around half type below 50 words per minute – really the minimum bosses require.  It’s pushed a third of employers to invest in typing training for their staff. 

Other research findings:

  •  the average typing speeds of a British worker is 55.92 words per minute
  •  on average an employee spends more than three hours typing a day.
  •   (45%) of British workers do not know how to type ergonomically and this has resulted in almost a quarter (24%) of employers saying they have received reports of typing related injuries including repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  •  38% of employers say that typing enhances productivity
  •  36% of employers say that typing ensures their business remains competitive