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A Level Students

Now that June has come to an end you can start to relax after all that hard revision! Just the wait now until August! At this time of year I receive a lot of enquiries from students who have just sat their A Levels or GCSEs or even from students who sat the year before – wondering what their options are. Of course University is a key consideration but Uni is not for everyone and for some being able to work sooner rather than later is an attractive option. The thought of being able to study a course that can take less than a year and be a qualified PA is a good option. But having these qualifications is all about choice and flexibility.

No other career provides such a wide range of different types of job opportunities and in a very diverse range of business organisations. Some people like a more academic environment – so working in accountants, solicitors or even on the admin support team at universities is something that might be attractive. Those who like a buzz and be part of a fast moving organisation might like to work in marketing, publishing and key places such as the BBC, film industry, magazines and even Harrods in London – they all need PAs, Secretaries and Administrators.

You can travel more easily as a PA – so many organisations nowadays have offices is more than one country and we have quite a few UK and European students studying with us looking to work in the UK as well as throughout Europe and beyond. The Foreign office is another place to work if you are interested in being able to travel in your job.

With the right qualifications – those recognised by the business world – you can start to build your career in your late teens and early twenties – looking to being perhaps a top PA working at CEO level by mid to late 20s and for those in London this could mean a salary of over £40,000. Other PA jobs offer salaries in the region of £25,000 plus for those with 2-3 years’ experience and for those just starting out you can expect to earn £14,000 plus outside London and perhaps £18,000 plus in London.

Being a PA is just the beginning though – many of our students have gone on to become Legal Executives, Managers, or specialised in a particular line of work.

So flexibility, a wide choice of job opportunities and a well-structured career ladder are the key benefits of working as a PA – and with just a year’s training or less you can get started on your career! See www.secsinthecity.co.uk for a wide range of jobs throughout the UK.

This is my key time of the year to provide careers advice as so many people are now thinking of their next step – so get in touch if you would like to go through ideas and to understand more about a PA career.

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