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Breaking into the Business World: Topping up your English Degree

Did you spend the last few years earning your English degree only to find that it’s not as easy landing a job as you first thought?

You’re not alone. It used to be considered somewhat special to have a university degree, but now it’s simply a prerequisite for many jobs in the workforce across varying industries.

While the jobs you’re trying to land will most likely require a degree, you’ll stand a better chance breaking into the business world by topping up your English degree with a Lewis College course. Your degree, combined with the practical and valuable skills learnt through us, will help you become more employable. Our courses will give you a competitive edge, allowing you to quickly climb the career ladder in areas such as journalism, publishing and marketing.

Regardless of the sector you want to work in, nearly every business requires basic professional office skills and proficiency in core business programs. Our courses include training in Microsoft Office, Administration, Personal Development and equip you with a range of other transferable skills to compliment your degree. We have Diploma courses at both Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Advanced) and shorter Certificate courses, as well as single subject courses.

Over the years, we’ve had numerous recent graduates enrol on our courses, which has enabled them to start an exciting new career in the business world. In just a few months (or less if you study full time), you can complete training in one of our most popular courses, all from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s some of our study suggestions:

Office Manager or Executive Assistant

Topics covered in the Office Manager course focus on professional working relationships, prioritising workloads, team leadership skills, using social media for business and more. The diploma consists of three individual diplomas in Professional IT, Professional Administration Diploma and Managerial Administration.  The Executive Assistant Diploma also includes the Professional Business Document Diploma.  Shorthand can be added to any of the courses.

Personal Assistant

Lewis College offers three different courses as a PA, each with varying levels of proficiency in Professional IT, Administration and Business documents. Depending on how much experience you already have and the level of proficiency you want to achieve, you can study the PA Foundation Course in just six months, or study additional modules to earn the PA Certificate or the Executive PA Diploma.


If you’re armed with a college degree, but little to no office experience then the Office Administrator Diploma is a good course to develop your Professional IT and Administration skills to the intermediate level. The Executive Administrator Diploma offers additional modules in administration and upon completion awards students with two single diplomas in Professional IT and Administration at the advanced level.

There are many benefits in topping up your English degree. When you complete a Lewis College course and add it to your CV, you will demonstrate to an employer that you have not only the academic credentials, but also the practical training in the most sought after skills required today.

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