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Can I take a break during my course?

Our courses have a Course Programme time frame upon which the course timetable is based.  This is the time that a typical student would take to complete the course and is based on studying 5 to 8 hours per week. 

Your course will be open for longer than the Course Programme to allow for holidays ,illness, busy times at work and all those things that life likes to throw at us from time to time to enable you to have a break from studying.

As an example our Executive PA course has a Course Programme of 15 months but you have access to the course for 24 months ie an additional 9 months.  You can therefore take a break from your studying if you wish but must complete the course within the 24 months your course is open.

If you have not completed your course within the overall access period, you can extend by buying Extended Tuition at a discounted rate.  Further details can be provided on request.