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Medical Terminology Course

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This course is designed for those who may already be working as a Medical Secretary or Administrator but who have no knowledge of Medical Terminology.

Length of Course

The Course Programme is 6 months based on 5-8 hours study per week.  However the course is open for 8 months providing you with longer access to the course so you have more flexibility in your studying.  You also have the choice of completing the course as quickly as you wish including studying full time.

The whole course can be completed from home including the Exam. There is no need to attend any exam centre or ourselves unless you wish to sit the optional City & Guilds/AMSPAR Medical Terminology Level 2 external exam at an exam centre.


Upon successful completion you will be awarded the:

Medical Terminology Certificate


Medical Terminology is designed to help your understanding of the language of medicine. Diseases, disorders, treatments, diagnostic and clinical procedures are often described in an obscure jargon of their own.

However, as you progress through the lessons you will see that seemingly complex medical terms can be deciphered relatively easily. When you begin to understand the principles of the structure of terms even the longest unfamiliar ones can be worked out.

You will be learning the meaning of common medical terms as well as some basic information about anatomy and some common disorders, surgical procedures and treatments.

The medical language you will learn loosely falls into five categories.

  • Common, basic, medical terminology is constructed of prefixes, roots and suffixes with simple definitions based on the definition of those individual components.
  • Some medical terms constructed of prefixes, roots and suffixes need further interpretation. They can be broken down into component parts but need further explanation.
  • You will learn about conditions, procedures and treatments in the context of each body system.
  • You will also learn the meaning of common words associated with medical conditions.
  • You will also learn about some of the more common types of drugs, some abbreviations used when drugs are prescribed.

You do not require any prior medical knowledge for this course.

After learning about some basic Medical Terminology pointers you will "take a trip" round the human body learning the jargon associated for different areas of medicine.

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