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How much time do I need to study?

One of the many advantages of home study is that it gives you the flexibility to adapt your learning schedule to suit your lifestyle, fitting your study in around work, the kids and everything else that life throws at you!  We do recommend that you study at least 5 hours per week on average and most of our students find that planning their study sessions and making them part of their weekly schedule really helps them to keep on track with the course. 

How you split your weekly study hours up is up to you and you will learn by experience whether you are better doing a few long sessions or more frequent shorter sessions.  Remember there is no hard and fast rule, we all learn in different way.

Some students study more for several weeks and then have a break whilst they are busy with other commitments.

Of course, you are free to study more than 5 hours per week as many of our students do and this will allow you to complete the course more quickly. 

We find more and more students are choosing to study full time as an alternative to going to college and this will enable you to finish the course much more quickly.