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The Importance of Relating to What you Study

As you study a course it is important to ensure you are learning effectively.  Very easy to learn in an empty way…… where you have spent hours on studying, but you have not retained that much.  Such an easy thing to do!

So one key tip in ensuring you are studying effectively is to relate to what you are learning rather than just going through the topics and exercises.

What do I mean by relate?  Well – relate to how you would use this new knowledge, especially in your job as a PA, Secretary, Administrator etc.  Don’t just learn the facts, and cover how to do something (a skill) without relating to how this fits in with the bigger picture.

For example, learning Excel functions can be quite confusing.  The IF function is a classic.  You will learn how to put the function into a cell in Excel – it can easily just stay looking like a mixture of symbols and letters perhaps.

At this level, you would not retain what you have learnt as you have not related to this function in a way as to how you could use it and its value in the working world.

If you related to the IF function by thinking about a range of things you could use it for to work out specific information in the spreadsheet you are working on, perhaps how you could use it in a project at work and so on.  Then the learning is deeper and more effective.

You would then have the famous learning “ah ha” experience.  But that’s another blog!

So as you learn more new things, just stop and relate to what you are learning.  Think about how you would use this knowledge, skill, theory etc to help you in your job role.

Worth doing and you will find the “jig saw puzzle” of the different modules you are learning will gradually come together to form a picture.  A clear picture. 

When you have a clear picture you will then use your new skills effectively in your job and in turn this will boost your ability to cope with your role.

So relating to what you are learning is an important key to effective learning.

Penny Lewis Cert Ed

January 2017