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New Year, New Career

You often hear stories about people who started out as a secretary or mailroom clerk and worked their way up to manager, accountant, or even CEO…but how did they do it?

Well, the first step is to get your foot into the door of an established company that offers a product or service that you enjoy. For example, if you love to read books then consider a publishing company, or if you are interested in fashion and beauty, then set your sights on a company in one of those sectors.

Not sure what your cup of tea is? Click here for some ideas to help you figure it out.

One of the best ways to begin a career in a new industry is to start as an EA, PA, Administrator or Secretary. The majority of businesses nearly always need professional office personnel so there’s a huge range of choice. Working as an office professional allows you to play a critical support role within the business, all while you build relationships with colleagues and learn different parts of the organisation. Later on in your career, if you wanted to advance within the company, then your established track record will give you a leg up on the competition.

No Experience, No Problem!

Whether you are starting out with no work experience or you already have an office job, but want to take your skills to an advanced level, Lewis Secretarial College has many options for you.


PA Courses

Lewis College offers three different courses as a PA, each with varying levels of proficiency in Professional IT, Administration and Business documents.

  • In as few as six months with 5-8 hours of study per week, you can finish the PA Foundation Course covering 10 modules including Outlook, PowerPoint, and composing business documents.
  • Within 10 months you can expand your learning to the advanced level in such areas as mail merge and organising business events to earn the PA Certificate.
  • In 15 months (or less if you study full time), you can earn the Executive PA Diploma, which consists of three separate Diplomas in Professional IT, Administration and Business Documents. 

Administrator Courses

The Lewis College Office Administrator Diploma courses are designed to develop the necessary administrative skills required for a busy and demanding office.

  • The Office Administrator Diploma will bring your skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher to an intermediate level while also developing your knowhow in supporting business events and trips, HR recruitment, diary management, and more.
  • If you already work in an office and want to take your skills to an advanced level, then the Executive Administrator Diploma is for you. It consists of three Diplomas at Level 3 (Advanced) plus one further optional Diploma and Certificate at Level 3.

Secretarial Courses

Develop your skills in widely used Microsoft Office programs while also building skills in a range of tasks required to carry out in your role as a Secretary.

  • Earn a Secretary Certificate in as few as eight months. This course provides one certificate at Level 2 (intermediate) and includes touch typing as well as how to professionally display business letters, information in tables, create and edit reports, create documents using audio transcription, and more.
  • The Executive Secretary Diploma can be achieved within 12 months and consists of three single certificates in IT for the Office (Level 2), Administration (Level 2) and Business Documents (Level 2). The accredited program will advance your skills across the 21 individual modules to the intermediate level.

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