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Next Step In Education

At this time of year there are many people ready to move on either from school or from university – so there is a lot of thinking going on as to what to do next! With school leavers – at GCSE there is the decision to be made as to whether or not to do A Levels or an Apprenticeship and for those who have completed their A Levels then of course to go onto university or not is the big question. I have just been and am still going through this with my own 2 children – but bit by bit the clouds clear and the way forwards starts to come through.

Graduates finishing Uni this summer are also facing this decision…. The what next question! Where do I go from here? How do I start on a professional career path?

Having academic qualifications – whether to GCSE, A Level or Degree level is just the start and on their own wouldn’t be enough to get you working – but by adding other key skills in Secretarial, Administration and IT you then become employable! It doesn’t take very long either – which is another great bonus in gaining these sought after skills. The qualifications though do make you professional and will enable you to apply for a wide range of jobs right across the business world – from working in solicitors, accountants, local authorities and central government – right through to working for the BBC, newspapers and magazines – they all need a team with these skills to support the business.

So if you have an A Level perhaps in media studies because the topic interests you – but very difficult to move further in a career involving media without long term studying and the range of job opportunities would then be restricted – by adding PA and Administration skills the door would be open for you to apply to work in organisations dealing with the media (there are many different types) and there you are…. You are off on your career and working in something you can relate to and which interests you. As you work you would in fact learn more and more about the media world and you can then add on more qualifications to change direction so you develop your career over the years working in something you really enjoy – which is important!

Using PA and Administration qualifications as the gateway for A Level students and Degree students to start working in an organisation that deals with a line of business of interest is easy and flexible and keeps options open and gives you control of your career.

For me… one of my daughter’s who dropped out of her first Uni course last Autumn as just not for her…. has spent the last few months studying our Medical Secretary Course and is due to sit her exams this summer to enable her to be a professional Medical Secretary. She plans to work as a virtual Medical Secretary or temp at the local hospital whilst she is also going to Uni on a BioScience degree course – so the qualifications complement each other and will help her to build a strong career over the years to come – not to mention earn a better income whilst at Uni compared to waitressing as she has been doing!

Something to think about as you work out… your next step in education!

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