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PA Courses

Professional Executive PA Course

Our Professional Executive PA course leads to three OCR Level 3 diplomas to help boost your career and enhance your job opportunities.

It is designed to maximise your PA career opportunities by teaching you a wide range of PA skills to a high standard.  If you are looking to take your PA career all the way to the top then this is the course for you!

Professional Executive PA


PA Courses

We have 3 shorter courses for budding Personal Assistants that are keen to get started and add an appropriate qualification to their CV in a relatively short space of time. These courses are designed to provide you with the appropriate qualifications to enable you to work in a wide range of different PA jobs.

You will be gaining key Advanced OCR (RSA) Examining Board qualifications.  OCR is part of the University of Cambridge and their qualifications are well recognised in the business world.

PA Advanced Certificate Course

Executive PA

PA Intensive Course

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