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24-10-13 Keys With 3 Symbols

So we all know holding SHIFT gives us access to the symbol at the top of a key, in some instances a key may have 3 symbols.

To access the symbol in the top right you hold ALT GR on a PC or any ALT key on a Mac.

Whilst we're on the subject of ALT keys on the Mac, in case you are trying to embrace the Twitter generation, hold ALT + the number 3 key for the hashtag.


28-9-13 Address Bar

If you want to access the address bar in an alternative way than using your mouse you can simply hold CTRL + L or simply F6, an O.K tip but it's not gonna set the world alight.

What we really like is once you are in the address bar pressing CTRL + left arrow will jump you to the next obvious break in the web address, forward slash, hash tag e.t.c. This allows you to quickly edit the web address with accuracy, really useful if you want to stay on the website but access a different section.

Once you are in the web address, pressing CTRL + right arrow jumps you in the opposite direction.


16-9-13 Multi Select

This can be used for text as well but the following combinations are particularly useful when dealing with folders and files.

To select items next to each other left-click on the first item then move your cursor to the last item, press SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK simultaneously and everything in between the two files will be selected.

If the files are scattered around then you hold CTRL whilst left-clicking on each individual file and they will all remain highlighted. Both methods allow you to apply the same function to several files with one click.


3-9-13 Recovered Tab

Ever deleted a tab on your browser by mistake? I know I have, and this excellent shortcut can be a real life saver.

CTRL + SHIFT + T will immediately recover the last open tab.


1-8-13 Switching Programs

If you have more than one program running on your computer you can jump between them by pressing ALT + TAB. On a Mac it's COMMAND + TAB.

Similarly, when in a browser such as Internet Explorer pressing CTRL + TAB together will jump you through any open tabs.


23-7-13 View Desktop

If you have several windows open then getting back to the desktop can be a laborious process when using the minimise button. So on a PC press the Windows button + D, on a Mac it's simply F11. Alternatively if you are on Windows 7 you will see a vertical rectangular bar in the extreme bottom right corner, click on this and you're straight back to your desktop.

Repeating any of these will take you back to your original starting point.