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Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our fully qualified and experienced teachers will lead you through the course but you set a pace that suits your circumstances.  Our college-created courseware and choice of text books are carefully designed to enable you to get the most from your study wherever and whenever you choose to learn, be that at home, in the office or even on the bus! 

Our teaching team has extensive experience of teaching in both the classroom and through distance learning.  This ensures that they blend the very best of one to one tuition with distance study.  Between them our team also has a wealth of practical real life experience from the work place.  Our team includes former Secretaries, PAs, Nurses, Lawyers and Legal Administrators.

Your contact with your tutor will be via email.  We set clear service standards for responding to questions, marking assignments and providing feedback.  Along with our student Code of Conduct this ensures a smooth, positive and successful tutor/student relationship.

Our tutors are supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable administration team who deal with organising exams, submitting entries to awarding bodies and who are happy to deal with any administrative questions you have.

Although we may be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart  this does not mean we still cannot teach you individually and at a pace that fits in with your commitments.  We have taken a lot of care and put a lot of thought into how we teach our students as well as regularly reviewing our teaching style to make our teaching methods effective and enjoyable.  We limit the number of students studying with us at any one time to ensure that we always provide a high standard of tuition and service.  This is why we have specific start dates throughout the year.

In many ways we are just like a normal college but instead of coming in for lessons you study at a place and time to suit you.  You still have personal tutors looking after you and teaching you just as if you were in the classroom!


Depending upon the course you study you will use a range of courseware including text books (we will send these to your home or office as you wish), on-line interactive programms, audio-visual files and lessons that you download and study "off-line". You will receive links to most of the courseware by email.   You will have a range of exercises to complete, guiding you through the new learning to help build your knowledge and understanding.  You will also complete a range of assignments, which enable you to apply what you have learnt to develop your skills further.

Feedback is provided by the tutors and further explanation and exercises provided if required. The tutors will "sign off" your work as you achieve each step of the course before moving on to the next step.  Communication between tutors and students is via email.

Preparing for Assessments and Exams

As part of your course, once you have completed the lessons, you will either start on your assessment portfolio, or complete some mock exams, depending on the qualification you are working towards.

The majority of subjects are examined through completion of Assessments which you do at home or in the workplace.  Once completed you submit the assessment to us for checking by our assessor before we submit them to the relavent awarding body for moderation and award of your certificates.

Where you need to sit timed exams we will give you mock papers to complete and your tutor will provide feedback and guidance on these to help you prepare for the real thing.  If you are a UK student we will help you find a convenient exam centre to sit your exams at (over 90% of students sit their exams at a test centre within an hour's travel from home).  Our overseas students will take our own Lewis College exams which they sit at home with a witness.  Our own exam papers are to the same standard as other awarding body exams but do not need to be taken at an accredited centre.  Exam timetables vary depending upon the awarding body and subject but generally there are several opportunities throughout the year.