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Over all the tutors were great and very helpful I really like the fact that Penny introduced herself and always made her emails personal it felt like I was talking to a real person on the other end of the email. A completely great online college I would recommend you to others and hope to study again with you in the future.

Hayley - Executive PA Diploma NCFE IIQ - completed September 2017

At the end of our student's course we send them a questionnaire so they can provide valuable feedback.  Here is an example of the questions and one response.....


1  Which aspects of the course did you enjoy?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

I enjoyed all the aspects but in particular I enjoyed medical terminology….it was interesting and my teacher Sally made it look very simpler  with her explanations.

2  Which aspects of the course did you not enjoy?   Please provide details as to the reason why.

I enjoyed all aspects

3  Did you find each Lesson instruction easy to follow or difficult to follow?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

All my teachers  Penny, Sally and Simon were great in explaining and very prompt in coming back to me with my queries. Even though it is an online course I never felt it that way. I felt I was studying regularly from the college.

4  Did you find you had sufficient courseware to support the underpinning knowledge you required for this course?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

Yes from the very beginning I received medical books and dictionary for Medical terminology course and for other aspects all the appropriate lessons was sent time to time…

5  Did you find the assignments/tasks you had to complete easy or difficult to complete and why?

I think my teachers were so good that they made even the difficult bit very easy. Had no problems at all.

6  Did you feel the Assessments were suitable for this course?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

Yes the skills required for secretarial job has been covered.

7  Did you find the Assessment instructions easy or difficult to follow?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

It was easy to follow.

8  What recommendations (if any) would you like to make to the development team for this course.

I think the course is perfect.

9  Did you find the tutor support helpful and friendly or more support could be provided?  Please provide details as to the reason why.

They all are very friendly and considerate….wonderful teachers

10  Please add any further comments you would like to make.

I would definitely recommend Lewis college to all students who want to do course online. Lovely and supportive teachers with great experience.

Priyanka - Medical Secretary Diploma - completed September 2017

I was delighted to get a Distinction for the AMSPAR Medical Terminology course.

I would like to thank my tutor Sally for all her help and support during the course.  I would not have got that result without her expert guidance from start to finish.  She is brilliant and an asset to the college!

Stacy D, Slough 2017

Thanks ever so much for everything. I really enjoyed doing my course with your college and found the tutoring to be excellent. If I decide to add to my list of qualifications, I will definitely check with you first.

Thanks again, and wish you all a great year at the college.

Dawn P, Colchester, 2017

I did enjoy the whole course. In each module, I have learnt a lot. So happy I have chosen this course.  All instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

The course materials were provided in the right length, enough to understand the subject, not to get bored while studying and write proper assessment. Sometimes I did further research online to get extra info while completing the assessment e.g. business organizations to show my extra knowledge.

I think the course is designed very well. 

The tutors are the best in the world, so patient, kind, friendly and very encouraging supportive. I was very happy with them. Thank you  

Kasia C, London 2017