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Top 5 Skills you need to be a Legal Secretary or PA

If you want to be a Legal PA or secretary do you need specific legal secretary skills?  Alison Boler, PA to three Heads of Legal and Business Affairs at ITV suggests this list of 5 key skills needed by a legal PA:

1. DISCRETION: leads to TRUST from the people you work with; you never repeat anything you hear.

2. ORGANISATION:  being ordered, methodical and planning your work gives your role a positive STRUCTURE.

3. CONFIDENCE: being strong and confident gives REASSURANCE to your boss and your clients that you are in control and you know what you are doing.

4. SPEED & ACCURACY: a legal document or contract will have your boss’s name on it and should always reflect the QUALITY of your work.

5. KEEPING CALM: being un-flappable under pressure or while working to extremely tight deadlines shows you are in CONTROL.

This list is taken from a longer article entitled "What's it like working as a Legal PA?" written by Alison Boler.  The full article can be found on Desk Demon UK.

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