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What Equipment do I Need?

You will need to have the following to study a course with us:

Internet connection - which accepts emails with links in and will enable you to download course material.  You do not need to have a permanent internet connection because the vast majority of our courseware is designed to be used "off-line" once you have downlaoded it.  You may find your Internet connection at your workplace may restrict links and emails with attachments over a certain size. 

Computer - with sound facilities - needed for audio and shorthand courses as well as PowerPoint.  A Windows PC computer is preferred although Mac computers can be used for a good part of the course depending on what subjects you are studying.  Access and Publisher are not available on Mac computers and if you enrol to study a course which includes these modules you will need to gain access to a Windows PC to complete these modules.  Also please note that you if you sit OCR Text Processing exams you will need to use a Windows PC and you will find that some of the features are organised differently compared to a Mac.

MS Office 365 - which you can purchase direct from Microsoft (online) or from any reputable IT retailer.

Printer - you will need to print off some of the course material.  This only needs to be a simple A4 printer.