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What equipment do I need to study a course?

You will need just four things to enable you to study with us:

  • A laptop or PC.  Any reasonably recent machine (up to 5 years old) should be suitable. 
  • Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or Office 365 - there are various options on the Microsoft Store website.  Ensure you have the full range of programs you need for your course (there are 6 in total if studying all the Office programs).  There are various options including monthly subscriptions or student discount (University edition) covering 4 years.  Most licences cover more than one computer/laptop/tablet.
  • An internet connection.  Most of the courseware can be downloaded so that you can study "off-line" but you will need internet access to do the download and of course for email correspondence.
  • Some students like to print off some of the courseware whilst others use a tablet or other computer to refer to the courseware whilst they work on different Assignments and Assessments.  You do not need either if you prefer to keep things simple!